Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gurlish Fondant Figurine

Gurlish Figurine request from the belated birthday girl. Upon delivery, customer ni tak puas2 ambil gambar cupcake nih. Hehe... AMS tengok pun happy. Berminat nak order? Pls call 013-2098203. -cakedecorated4u

Black & White Wedding Cupcake

Fondant cupcake black & white -  order from kawan Noormi (my opismate); Kak Nadya. Last minit order coz ada masalah yg tak dapat dielakkan. Qoute dr customer 
"Thank u dayah. Awk penyelamat sy. Moga Allah berikan keberkatan pada awk..amin" . Thanks Kak Nadya, penting doa ni. Doa kan AMS success.

Today, successful delivered the cupcakes dan ini qoute from Kak Nadya ( Wah..cantiknya! Terima kasih banyak2 sgt sbb sanggup tolong buatkan fondant cupcakes utk akak last2 minit. Really grateful for your help dear.Next time leh order lagi ni ) . Gembira hati AMS coz dapat happy kan customer. - Bake & Decorate From My Heart.-cakedecorated4u

Chocolate Moist & Fondant icing

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tempahan Khas dari Puteri UMNO Cawangan Sijangkang

Mencabar tempahan ni. Customer request lambang UMNO pada cupcake. 
Berminat nak order? Pls call 013-2098203.-cakedecorated4u


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

9 Variety Cuppies Design

Terima Kasih Che Sol untuk tempahan ini. Walaupun dapat tempahan mengejut (ada perkara tak dapat dielakkan), i buat jugak coz tak banyak cume 9 cuppies jer. Che Sol request for cuppies design yang cute2 for his client punye birthday yang ke setahun "Qays Mikhail"... Jangan lupa doakan AMS murah rezeki.. Thanks for your support...

Complimentary from AMS, special box packaging for birthday gift.-cakedecorated4u

Cake choices: Chocolate Moist
Toppings: Buttercream (Vanilla flavour)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Choc Moist with Choc Ganache

Thanks Mimi for the order. My first choc ganache topping. Specially made for her friend Hani...Surprise on her birthday...-cakedecorated4u

Cake choice: Choc Moist
Topping : Choc Ganache

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cuppies Sayang Cikgu

Yasmin; my younger sis in law wish to give the cuppies for her teacher. Sayang Cikgu cuppies special made for her... SELAMAT HARI GURU to all teacher...-cakedecorated4u

Cake choice: Vanilla
Toppings: Buttercream

Happy Birthday Mama - Sesame Streets

Sesame streets order from En. Jai to his beloved wife & kids. Hope you all enjoy eating!!! Happy Birthday to Kak Ain... Semoga Berbahagia disamping keluarga tersayang...-cakedecorated4u

Cake choice: Chocolate Moist & Vanilla
Topping : Buttercream & Figurine

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Cupcake untuk emak. Sempat jugak siap walaupun banyak aktiviti.. Selamat Hari Ibu kepada semua ibu di luar sana... Thanks emak kerana banyak berkorban dan menyayangi anak mu selama ini...

Friday, May 7, 2010

All Moms Secrets - Your Dream Cuppies

Menerima tempahan cup cake untuk anda... ;-) Bagi hantaran perkahwinan, pertunangan, harijadi, hari ibu, hari raya dan bermacam-macam hari lagi lah... Anda boleh request mengikut design yang anda suka dengan emel gambar yang anda suka... It's where your dream cake come true.... -cakedecorated4u

Edible Image Cuppies

Cuppies yang ni, edible image yang di print pada sugar paper boleh dimakan. Ada macam2 gamabar, if nak print gambar sendiri dan orang tersayang pun boleh... chill..-cakedecorated4u

The Hapiness Clown

Cuppies clown ni nampak macam susah nk buat. Tapi bile dah tahu, senang jugak...-cakedecorated4u


Dari kiri (Cookie Monster, The Elmo & Big Bird). Buttercream Sesames street cuppies, ceria sangat. Children ramai suka cuppies nih..Sekali tengok mcm takut nak makan.. tapi bila dah makan... Sedap....-cakedecorated4u

Baby Shower

Baby Shower ni sesuai untuk door gift majlis cukur jambul or boleh juga dijadikan sebagai buah tangan kepada kawan2 atau saudara mara yang menyambut kelahiran baru dalam keluarga mereka.... Hihi teringat pulak dekat baby Irfan...Chill...-cakedecorated4u

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Your Frequently Asked Question...

Frequently Asked Question.

Q: How to order the cakes/cupcakes?
A: In the mean time, our products can be ordered through online via phone/ email only. Please send your order details to cakedecorated4u@yahoo.com or call directly to 013-2098203.

We will response within 48 hours with the payment details.

We are welcoming your photo/design/creative ideas to make your dream cake/cupcake come true… The more information provided is the better.

Q: What are the products offered  in CakeDecorated4u?
A: We are offered the Fresh Homemade Delights:
  •    Chocolate Moist Cake 
  •     Buttercake (vanilla – strawberry - orange)
  •     Carrot Walnut
  •     Red Velvet
  •     Banana Lime
Our recipe used fresh ingredient and most important thing is HALAL product, InsyaAllah. This is to ensure the flavor and product quality as good as the presentation.

Q: What are the prices?

A: Click HERE for our price list.

A Price detail will be different based on the required decoration, for an example: fondant/sugarpaste cake/cupcake price will be based on the complexity/effort used to decorate it. Therefore, the cake/cupcake price like this is quite expensive compare with ‘Buttercream’ decoration. 

Q: Where are the pick-up points?
A: Fixed pick-up point will be at:

    1. Tesco Melaka Central (Main Entrance)

Q: Is it delivery provided?
A: At the moment, no delivery services.

Q: How long will the cake lasting?
A: 3 to 4 days outside the refrigerator. About a week inside the refrigerator. Our recipes do not use any preservatives.

Q: Can customer pay Cash upon Collection?
A: Sorry, after several time of doing the online business, we also went through several things that cannot be avoided. Therefore we are only accept payment via direct debit / online.
Payment information will be provided by 'Confirmation Email'. The best time to make payments is within 5 days from the date customers receive the Confirmation Email.

Q: Can we make the less sweet cake icing?
A: Yes. Customers only need to specify in the email. (No less sweet for fondant icing, because the recipe is 95% sugar).

This info will be updated from time to time.

How To Order

Dear Valued Customer,

Please email to cakedecorated4u@yahoo.com with all these details.
( copy paste)
Pick-up Point
Pick-up date

Nak order apa
Quantity / Size

Design/theme/colored can be customized. Please instruct us.
I will answer your important email as soon as possible.

Important :Please check your spam box if you don’t received any reply email from me


1. at least 1 week in advance for small order ( below 100pcs )
2. at least 2 week in advance for bulk order ( 101 pcs ~ 499 pcs)
3. 1 month for 500pcs and above

Pls read the Terms & Conditions before proceed the order.

Reasonable Price only at CakeDecorated4U...

.:  Cakes :.
                                           1. Chocolate Moist @ 1kg = RM 55.00
                                           2. Buttercake @ 1kg = RM 50.00
                                           3. Banana Cake @ 1kg = RM 40.00
                                           4. Carrot Walnut @ 1kg = RM80.00 (with cream cheese frosting)
                                           5. Red Velvet @ 1kg = RM90.00 (with cream cheese frosting)

.: Cupcakes Sizes and Prices :.
Small 5 cm ( W, top diameter ) x 3 cm (H) (2 oz Souffle Cup)
16pcs / box = RM40.00 (chocolate moist shj)
25pcs / box = RM55.00 (chocolate moist shj)

Medium 5.5 cm ( W,top diameter ) x 3.5 cm (H) (2.5 oz Souffle Cup)
16 pcs / box = from RM50.00 (Carrot Walnut / Red Velvet Set = RM60)
25 pcs / box = from RM70.00 (Carrot Walnut / Red Velvet Set = RM80)

Mini Cupcakes (2.5cm/1.5" top diameter) (1.0 oz Souffle Cup)
36 pcs = RM45.00
49 pcs = RM60.00
note : limited Chocolate moist with one design only - swirl buttercream / white grass + mini cadburry chocolate / M&M chocolate drop)
Term and Condition;

1.Prices would be different depending on cakes flavor, topping, the deco finishing & accessories requested

2.Additional requirement which consider as an extra charge :

-Chocolate Ganache Frosting;
*RM 10 / Cake
*RM 5 / 16cupcakes set
*RM 10 / 25cupcakes set

-Fresh Fruit
-Fondant and Gumpaste
-Drawing of Characters ( no charge for easy drawing )

-Edible Image;
*Cake =  RM 15 to 25 (without editing) RM 30 ++ (with editing, mix 2 picture or more )
*Cupcakes = RM25.00/set of 25 pcs , RM 1.50 /pcs with minimum of 16 pcs/set

.: Tartlets :.
 : Cheese Tart :
Filling choices: Blueberry (Best Seller) / Strawberry
Mini size  24 pcs / box = RM 25.00

.: Doll Cake Price :.

Buttercream Deco = RM 150
Fondant Deco = RM 200
+Add price (platform cake)

.: Fondant Cake :.
1 tier (RM 150 ++)
2 tier (RM 250 ++)
3 tier (RM 350 ++)

*homemade flowers/
glitter creating sparkling/
shimmering effect

.: Steamed Buttercream Cake :.
1 tier (RM 90 ++)
2 tier (RM 200 ++)
3 tier (RM 300 ++)

Chocolate moist/ buttercake 
 Delivery + Cake's arrangement
*Price varies according to the type of icing used on each cake / cupcake and the complication of designs. Please email  for price quotation.

price may be difference based on deco. Normally price range is from RM 4 to RM6 each
(this for fondant and sugar paste cuppies)
Bulk order only for Small size: (strictly butter cream deco)
100 - 500 pcs = RM 2.00
501 - 1000 pcs = RM 1.80
1000 pcs and above = RM1.60
1. Plastic Dome Container = RM0.30/pcs
2. Doily Box = RM 1.00/ pcs ( design printed @ your choice )

*** All prices are subject to change from time to time.

Terms & Conditions

• to avoid disappointment, please order in advance. approx 4-5 days in advance. the earlier the better.

• we can however slot your order in as little as 2 days, provided that we are not fully booked for the requested date. give us a call to inquire about available dates. 013 -2098203.

• for orders within 24 hours, a RM20 surcharge is applicable provided that we are not fully booked for the requested date. pick up for 24 hour orders will be after 6pm the next day.


• at no extra charge, customers are allowed to:
a) add a custom message (1 letter per cupcake)
b) request for custom colour change (choose a max of 3)

• for other forms of customisations, such as;
- custom & personal design
- design mix (up to 3 designs in the same collection)
- etc... (subject to approval)
a min surcharge of RM20 onwards is applicable per box depending on the level of customisation and complexity.

• all customisation is subject to approval. we do not do certain logos & cartoon characters. we have the right to decline custom requests & suggest alternatives.

• please be advised we cant guarantee the outcome of the custom colours & custom designs you choose will be favourable to your liking. if you are willing to take the risk, we will proceed with the order, however no refund or compensation requests will be entertained should the final product be deemed unsatisfactory.


• full payment is required when placing orders to secure your slot.
• a min of 50% deposit can be placed for orders exceeding RM200 only.


• please check your order thoroughly before making payment. this is important as no changes will be entertained once payment/deposit has been made.

• all orders are final once payment/deposit is made, afterwhich a RM10 surcharge is applicable per edit (changes) made on: messages, colours, size, design & change of date, at any one time. (please inform us of changes at least 1 week / 7 days before. strictly no change within 3 days before pickup/delivery)

• orders may not be decreased because unfortunately, balance cannot be refunded.

• in the case where changes are approved and an order is increased from its original quantity, the new balance must be settled within 24 hours via payment by bank transfer. same goes for any 'changes' surcharge billed to the customer. customers will be advised on our bank account details and receipt of payment accordingly.


• all orders are non-exchangable, non-changable, non-transferable and non-refundable.
• 50% cancellation fee is applicable for all cancellations.
• no refund will be given if cancelled within 2 days before pick up/delivery date.


• uncollected cupcakes will be discarded after 5 days. no refund will be given for uncollected cupcakes as cost and labour has gone into the making of the cupcakes.

• cupcakes are extremely fragile, please handle with extra care. we will not be held responsible for any damage caused by improper handling by the customer.

• a 50% surcharge is applicable for all cupcake rescue & corrections caused by customer's mishandling only up to a certain degree. subject to approval. if damage is extensive and deemed unrepairable, customer may opt to purchase another set at normal price and collect at 7pm the next day.

thank you for understanding :)

*terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
please respect our policy as it is implemented for smooth operations aiming at customer's satisfaction.
Strictly don't refrigerated your fondant cuppies/cake.

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